How You Can Farm in an Urban Area

For many the idea of living on a farm and and growing your own food is far from being a possibility. However, there are individuals who are making that idea more of a reality, and the best part is that they are able to do it in urban areas. They do this is by creating garden areas on rooftops of apartment buildings, on their windowsills, or in a community plot. You can find websites like this step by step blog provided by Andrea Romano and others for ideas on how to start your garden. It is also a good idea to talk to your neighbors or building manager to see if you can find others who would be interested in sharing a garden with you. The more individuals you get together, the larger the garden you can build. There are even programs available to help fund getting your garden started. If you visit the USDA’s website, you can find links to many of these funds, including Urban and Community Forestry Program and the Microloan Program.

By growing your own garden, you can become self-sufficient, teach your children responsibility, and eat healthier for cheaper. It also adds to the environment, giving you a relaxing atmosphere and adding color to cities, allowing for more green in an ever growing cement and steel landscape.


How to Save Money with GMOs

Many people question the benefits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Today we are looking at one important factor in GMOs, the cost. With the decrease in farmland we have to look at ways for us to increase our yield without increasing the cost of food. We do this by using more efficient technology for planting and harvesting, better pesticides, and enhanced labor of the land. This is where GMOs can really help, due to their increased resistance to pests, drought, and disease, GM crops can produce higher yields, keeping the prices of those crops lower.

In a post released by the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) ten facts about GMOs were released. Number eight on this list discusses the impact of GMOs on the price of food. In it they say that if the United States were to ban genetically modified organisms we would see a much larger decrease in crops. Visit this website to see more on GMOs and how they  can affect the cost of food.

While we may not be able to completely control the reduction of crop prices through the use of genetically modified crops we can definitely use them to help. I think that we can all agree that lower costs at the grocery store are beneficial.