Food Banks: Making a Difference in Your Community

Every day there are individuals who are going hungry. In fact, 1 in 6 Utahans struggle with hunger. So how can we make a difference in our communities? By working with your local food bank this season you can help make a difference in your community. There are multiple options for helping too. You can participate in local food drives, start your own, or you can even complete your Eagle Scout Project with them. If you cannot donate food but still wish to help you can also volunteer your services, donate money, or even donate your old clunker cars (which is tax deductible) to the Utah Food Bank!

You can stay up to date with what the Utah Food Bank is doing by going to their website or following them on Twitter and Facebook.

This holiday season let us come together to help those in our community who struggle with hunger. Join with your local food bank to make a donation today.


Author: KateRindlisbaker

I am a junior at Utah State University where I study Agricultural Communications and Journalism. I'm from a small town in Idaho where I grew up on a little farm where we raised horses, cattle, and hound dogs.

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